Sign Up for the next Vashon Events Showcase!  "Come Together" - a showcase of Island musicians performing songs of the Beatles on Friday, June 22nd at the Red Bike. 

Unfortunately, at the last show we had some major issues that required us to come up with a compromise with our sound engineers. We are not going to be able to do large bands with a lot of instrumentation. Rather, this will be a more simple, acoustic show.  If you would like to perform as a band or ensemble of some sort, could you help us out by taking a look at how you could help streamline to make it super simple, that would be awesome.   
Our plan is to have a back line of one keyboard, one drum kit, one bass amp and one guitar amp...and that's it. We are contacting people who will provide those items. We have had too many of all of these things on stage in the past and feel a need to streamline the show for our sound guys.

When you, your band or ensemble arrive before the show starts, please check in with Jim Farris, who is the stage manager. We would like you to confirm that everyone in the band is present and ready to go. We will not be able to accommodate any last minute changes in terms of adding additional people or instrumentation.  Our goal is to have all the sound information up front and then have quick smooth change-overs and end the show on time. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and support!

Pete & Allison


You'd be surprised how many people make a typo the first time.
You must provide the name of your song before you can be confirmed on the roster.
Please indicate the number of microphones you will need, plus what instruments you will be using and how they are to be amplified. For example, does your guitar have a pickup or does it need to be mic'ed? Who else is performing with you?