In lower Ober Park

Music sponsored by VARSA,, Vashon Events, Vashon Chamber and Bandstand Music.

(11:00am-11:30pm) ISLEWILDE

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We bring you puppet shows, juggling, music, monsters, and all manner of monkeyish craziness.  Artists, puppeteers, children and whackdoodles from around the world have descended upon Vashon Island! In our secret performance laboratory, deep in the woods, we have been busy creating creatures and concocting shows and antics sure to inspire and amaze even the most jaded audience.  Featuring shows by Jawbone Puppet Theater, the quirky father son act, fresh from stints in Brooklyn and Puerto Rico, by way of Taiwan. Casa Mucaro and Poncili Creación from Puerto Rico, with amazing feats of juggling, and their all toot-a-fone band. A special appearance by the inimitable Professor Stromboli, from Tiny Town, Minneapolis. And much much more!!!

(12:15-12:35pm) SAM PROFIT

Little Lion

Sam Profit is a 14 year old Vashon resident.  He started taking guitar lessons four years ago, and made his Strawberry Festival debut last year.  He plays the acoustic guitar and enjoys a wide range of music.  He likes classic rock and alternative music and his favorite artists are David Bowie, Neil Young and Led Zeppelin.

(12:40-1:00pm) EMMETT SHERMAN


Emmett Sherman is 13 years old, born and raised on Vashon Island.  He started playing guitar and taking lessons from Daryl Redeker in January of 2014.  Emmett started out with a Yamaha acoustic that he received for Christmas from his grandparents. Emmett went through a few guitars and finally settled in with a Gibson SG, and a Fender Strat.  His main musical influences are Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.  

(1:45-2:05pm) KATE ATWELL

Ellis Brothers

Kate Atwell is a young singer songwriter from Vashon Island. At 10 years old she took on the guitar, and 5 years later, began writing music. While hopefully only at the beginning of her musical journey Kate has found endless opportunity and enthusiasm here on the island. She loves to work with other artists or play in bands, but for now is happy remaining a solo artist. Kate has found performance to be a wonderful form of expression. She loves taking a vision for a song or cover, and making it a reality. This creative process is probably her favorite part of being an artist. Her style  primarily falls within the genres folk, rock, and soul, and she has drawn a lot of inspiration from artists, John Mayer, Oasis, Alanis Morissette, and the many folk artists from the 60’s and 70’s.

(2:10-2:30pm) RUBY SEAGO

Joe Stewart

Ruby Ted Seago is a 17 year old artist making her way in the world! She performed at the most recent Sharing the Stage with Eva Cyra, and is now performing with Maijah Sanson Frey on the youth stage. Her favorite things to do are learning and reciting spoken word poetry and eating burritos. She strives to grow from every opportunity and might even perform solo someday!

(3:15-3:35pm) PETRICHOR

Sarah Hotchkiss

Petrichor is a band of teens from Vashon Island High School that plays covers of songs from their favorite alternative and indie bands. Singer and guitarist Iris Sackman has been playing guitar for one and a half years and currently takes lessons from Daryl Redeker. Bassist and singer Dimitrius Brown has been playing bass guitar for two years and also currently takes lessons from Daryl Redeker. Percussionist Josephine Slade has been playing drums for around six years and has had lessons from Todd Zimberg. Petrichor is the smell of the earth after the rain.

(3:40-4:00pm) ANNIKA & REX McFARLIN

Annika & Rex is fronted by Annika McFarlin, a local Vashon Island singer debuting at Vashon’s Strawberry Festival 2015. Annika brings years of experience performing on stage in open mics and with The Vashon Island Youth Chorus in performances such as “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Annie.”  Annika & Rex chops up a tasty mix of tunes highlighting Annika’s ability to bring her passion for music to life. A strong voice and pop-sensibility set up a not-to-miss festival gem.

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