Sunday, July 23rd
Village Green Stage
(where we have our Saturday Farmers Market)  
Music sponsored by Windermere Real Estate

(12:30-1:00pm) HENRY PERRIN

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Henry Perrin grew up in Vermont.  One day a tourist asked him "Have you lived here all your life?"  "Not yet." he replied.  Sometime later he threw most of his possessions in a Nissan Sentra Hatchback and eventually ended up here.  Henry plays a mix of acoustic rock, folk, and blues, ranging from classics to obscure gems, with an occasional original thrown in to keep it interesting.  "If there's a better music on the island, I haven't herd it." - Bandit T Goat, 2015 Unofficial Vashon Mayor Candidate.

(1:15-1:45pm) JIM MARCOTTE 


Soulful, Bluesy "Eclectric" Rock- Jim Marcotte brings elements of multiple musical genres to delight your mind in his original music and his interpretations of his favorite artists songs. After a lifetime of music since the tender age of 12, Jim has played an array of venues with several different bands and on his own in the 1980's and 1990's in the Southern California area.  Jim moved from L.A. to Seattle in 2010 where he has found a whole new world of musical experiences, venues and artists to play with. His album of original material, “Own It” was recorded in West Seattle and released in 2015. Along with his extensive and diverse original songs, Jim plays a multitude of covers ranging from classic and current rock, pop, soul and blues artists.

(2:00-2:30pm)  ELKE ROBITAILLE

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An eclectic performance ranging from haunting ballads to foot-stomping bluegrass. Multi-instrumentalist, Elke Robitaille takes her audience on a journey from Pacific Northwest Americana to Southern Alt-Country Roots. Her original music will have your hands clapping, your body moving, and your voices singing along.

(2:45-3:15pm) ANNE ZASBURG 

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Anne Zasburg is a young international artist at the tender age of 18. Coming from The Netherlands, she will be making her second journey to the United States this summer. She has been featured on Dutch radio and television and is considering breaking into the PNW music scene. She has a strong soulful voice and an incredible array of both original and cover songs. 

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