Sunday, July 17th
Village Green Stage
(where we have our Farmers Market)  
Music sponsored by Windermere Real Estate

(12:30-1:00pm) JON YOON

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Jon Yoon is a Ukulele Acoustic Pop artist from Seattle by way of Chicago. He is often entertaining Pike Place Market tourists with ukulele versions of popular songs and originals. For 2016, every dollar he earns performing goes to benefit the Melodic Caring Project, an organization that streams live rock concerts to hospitalized kids and teens!  

(1:15-1:45pm) WILL VAN SPRONSEN 


Will van Spronsen is an idiosyncratic singer songwriter who lives on Vashon Island, Cascadia. He performs and records as the Super8 and his music can be found on Sometimes he is joined by his son, Boots on keyboards and vocals.  The music of the Super8 falls somewhere in the sphere of Americana and the balladeers. You will hear a bit of darkness, a bit of hard won experience and a yearning for freedom. Above all of this there shines a redemptive light...

(2:00-2:30pm)  JON WHALEN

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Lost as a teen on a hike in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York state, Jon Whalen’s younger brother vowed that not only would he survive, find his way out of the woods and short-sheet his brothers bed before the end of the week, he also swore that he would never laugh at his brothers music again.  Hence, his younger brother has not been to one of Jon’s shows since 1986, because he simply did not trust himself.  For this year’s Strawberry Festival, Jon will break out a solo-set of fresh tunes that he’s been shopping around in this year of our creator two thousand and sixteen, trying to finally score that ever-elusive, independent film soundtrack gig!  Well 9th time’s the charm!  Plus it an election year, that’ll keep things exciting.

(2:45-3:15pm) LITTLE DEER 

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“Little Deer” is Lawson Cannon on guitar, Alex Sturbaum on accordion, and Brian Lindsay on fiddle.  Together they have over 30 years’ experience in the Celtic and American Old-Time genres.  They are equally at home at a contra dance, in a pub, on a concert stage, and in the recording studio.  They play a delightful mix of fast dance tunes, slow aires, and the occasional spirited song.  Everyone who happens upon their music stops, listens, smiles, stays till the end, and then asks for more! 

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