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(1:00-1:45pm) BEIGE RADIO 

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Sitting at under one year of age, Beige Radio is still a very new project for Wes Gonzalez of the now-defunct local band New Lungs. Beginning as ideas for New Lungs and having been heavily influenced by bands like Weatherbox, Wes decided to take these ideas, create his own songs, and have friends help him perform and develop them. Having not yet released his initial EP, the project has much room for growth musically but has been largely rooted in the themes surrounding his previous band's indefinite hiatus. Beige Radio is currently Wes Gonzalez, Drew Pine, Rich Clark-Coller, Antoine Martel and Nathan McMillan.  

(2:15-3:00pm) JAMIE NOVA SKY 


Following her 6 years dedicated to the All-Female AC/DC tribute, Hell’s Belles (Seattle, WA),  Jamie Nova set out to create the music that was manifesting itself within her soul.  In 2010 she recorded and released her first album “The Softer Side”  (produced by Jack Endino) following with a short tour in The Netherlands and Spain. In 2012 Jamie added guitar virtuoso JT Phillips to her line up adding depth and color to her music, taking it to a deeper level in 2014 she found the final members, Rick Friel on Bass and Christopher Kiger on Percussion.


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KEXP's Kevin Cole calls Danny Newcomb's debut, "Masterwish" an "Instant Classic".  Charles Cross says it's "one of the years' ten best records."  Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers is the latest incarnation for Danny, who has played lead guitar and song written since he was 10.   He was a founder of Goodness, the Rockfords, Shadow, and has been signed to Atlantic records and Epic records, toured and opened for Pearl Jam, Oasis, Cheap Trick, and Elliott Smith. The Sugarmakers are: Rick Friel, bass, Faith E. Vicious, Percussion and backups, and Eric Eagle on the drums.  He has a farm on Vashon that raises sheep and fruit.

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