Music sponsored by: Pandora's Box, JR Crawford Windermere, Sawbones & The Rock Pizza.

(11:30-12:15pm) SONG & LEGEND 

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Song & Legend is the musical lovechild of Islanders Bob Koch and Rod Smith.  We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their founding in 2007.  Medieval monks with electric keyboards and guitars, we are!  We'll be joined by our great friend, Gordon Henry on percussion and wind.  

(12:30-1:15pm) A & R

A&R ...a band with a hand-crafted selection of other people's pop songs will have you bubbling underneath a Purple Rain. And, if you're a Queen, you'll go crazy for A Little Thing Called cover tunes. You might be Hot N Cold over our Jet-Black Hearts, but you'll be Head Over Heels in our Love Shack. And, Hey Jude, if you can handle an original grip of Melting Cellophane, you might find that your heart flutters. Don't Dream It's Over, now, because the Vashon Strawberry Festival is in July. However, if it's August and you've read this, then well, It's Late and sorry to say ... you've missed it.

(1:30-2:15pm) THE PARLOUR SNAKES 


The fabulous Parlour Snakes have recently been invading only the best dives and living rooms, bringing back the soulful sounds of the 20th century in America. Inspired by artists like Etta James, Little Willie John, Patsy Cline, and Ruth Brown. We play the hits of the day and do it right! Hailing from the Seattle area, Cyndi, Peter and Will share a love of the blues, soul and playing it all night long.  

(2:30-3:15pm) THE SOUND SISTERS 


Pulling together a little Indigo Girls and a little Alison Krause, a little gospel and a little jazz, The Sound Sisters have sung off and on together for years around the island. They have all sung at Festival individually (one of our singers even won the Matt Eggleston Award!). Now, singers Marita Ericksen, Jean Richstad and Lauri Hennessey are excited to bring a little three-part harmony to do their first Strawberry Festival gig together.

(3:30-4:15pm) LITTLE DEER

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“Little Deer” is Lawson Cannon on guitar, Alex Sturbaum on accordion, and Brian Lindsay on fiddle.  Together they have over 30 years’ experience in the Celtic and American Old-Time genres.  They are equally at home at a contra dance, in a pub, on a concert stage, and in the recording studio.  They play a delightful mix of fast dance tunes, slow airs, and the occasional spirited song.  Everyone who happens upon their music stops, listens, smiles, stays till the end, and then asks for more!

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