Music sponsored by Windermere Real Estate

(11:30am-12:15pm)  THE RUMBLE STRIPS


The Rumble Strips play hot, oversized dance music from West Africa, the Caribbean, New Orleans and anywhere else. Expect horns, percussion and rhythms to shake your feet loose. You do not want to miss this one!



The Flying Mandolinis are a verified Vashon phenomenon.  They create beautiful music out of anticipated chaos.  Although they will, of necessity, refrain from performing while hanging upside down from a high wire between the Hardware Store and the US Bank, they do promise to begin their performance wired and finish it high.  If you think that mandolin music is squeaky and grating, then think again:  these seasoned musicians (each plays in at least 2 other bands) have turned it into an orchestral treat.  Imagine 6 mandolins in 3 different sizes, supported by a bass, playing some of your favorite tunes.  Then come to hear them and discover how much fun serious musicians can share with you. 

(2:30-3:15pm) SOME'TET 

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In April 2013, guitarist/composer Michael Whitmore began a weekly residency at the Snapdragon Café on Vashon Island. Over the next three years this ‘Sunday night jam’ grew into a full-blown ensemble … the whole kit & caboodle -- Barry Cooper on trumpet, Dianne Krouse on sax, Patrick Christie on upright bass, Dodd Johnson on percussion and jazz vocalist Christine Goering. The music is both composed & improvised. The overall sound is mellow, almost west coast cool, with moments of intense invention. Add a dollop of American primitivism, clusters of neo bossa nova rhythms, and some very soulful vocals -- think 60’s era jazz meets KEXP meets Twin Peaks in Rio de Janeiro, with a whiskey & soda in hand and your Nana is catering the gig under a yellow hoodoo moon.  


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Everyone knows that people go to Florida to die, but fewer people know that there are people who get born there too. Caught between the dualistic disenchanting scenes of Buffet cover bands and high school hardcore, a young Joshua Powell transplanted to the Midwest in pursuit of education and new art. Now a loudening voice in the Indiana independent music community, Powell has carved out a niche in his new home by setting his hyper-literate lyrics to broad swaths of psych-folk and shedding the vocal affectations of a varied past.

(5:30-6:30pm) LOOSE CHANGE 

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A longtime Vashon favorite, this band aims to entertain with non-stop danceable tunes and a commanding stage presence.  The band’s leader and powerful front man Troy Kindred is an entertainer in every sense of the word.  His infectious energy and enthusiasm gets the crowd into the act – and his vocals will tear the paint off the back walls.  Kindred is backed by a tight 13-piece band that includes the big organ sound of keyboards, an inspired lead guitar, solid bass and drums and a dynamic 5-piece horn section With Saxophones, Trumpet and Trombone.  And let’s not forget the 4 female backup singers.  Not only can these ladies sing, but they’ve got the moves too.  The sheer size of Loose Change makes for a big sound and a great on-stage look.

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