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Music sponsored by Windermere Real Estate

(1:00-1:30pm) ALEX DAVIS

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Raised on Vashon Island, Alex Davis has been songwriting since age 13. His original songs and eclectic covers are a blend of Classic country, 70's folk, and indie rock. With only a quarter century behind him, Alex's poignant lyrics ponder the highs and lows of existence through Americana tinted lenses.

(1:45-2:15pm) ANIMALS OF GRACE

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Animals of Grace is an alt-folk duo based in Seattle led by innovative 12-string guitar player and classically trained vocalist Erika Lundahl. Together with percussionist Doug Indrick, Animals of Grace craft a musical experience that readily shifts from driving exhilaration to sublime and emotional. Their new album Songs of Shattering features the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay, an early 20th century lyrical poet.   

(2:30-3:00pm) CATBIRD 

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CatBird is Mary G L Shackelford and Jim Burke, a wife and husband team who have been playing music together for 38 years. Whether playing Old Time or venturing into some Jazz Standards, their tight playing comes from a deep seated natural give and take that has been developed over their years of playing together. With Mary playing lead on mandolin and Jim accompanying with guitar and banjo, their music will get your feet tapping and your hands a clapping.


Andy James and Rebekah Kuzma combine their unique talents as an inspiring duo. They make heartfelt music covering the likes of Tin Pan Alley to Harry Nilsson. Andy and Rebekah have been singing together for a few years now and enjoy performing music with tight and interesting harmonies. Some of their favorites include Stephin Merritt, The Everly Brothers, The kinks, and traditional songs as well as fun standards. Andy plays Guitar both electric and acoustic and banjo. Rebekah plays Mandolin and Tenor Guitar. They enjoy searching for new material to perform.  

(4:00-4:30pm) DRSPUTNIK

DrSputnik is Philip Royal playing fingerstyle guitar and Mr. Sam McKinstry playing banjo, fiddle, guitar and upright bass. Sam is Philip’s nephew; Philip, Sam’s uncle. Sam teaches music to deaf children in Portland, Oregon. Philip doesn’t understand how Sam can play like he does. Together they lay out some of the old tunes and walk the walk.

(4:45-5:15pm) ANNIE O'NEILL

Annie O’Neill is a Seattle -based singer-songwriter specializing in laying down rhythmic grooves on her acoustic guitar - or belting out the Blues with a full band. She is a dynamic performer with powerhouse vocals to back it up.  This past year Annie has been busy performing and writing more new material while gathering gifted players to join her new band onstage and in studio.

(5:30-6:00pm) BETH//JAMES

Beth // James is an alternative indie folk duo from Austin, Texas made up of singer-songwriters Jordan Burchill and Mikaela Kahn. Their haunting harmonies, moody guitar, and thoughtful lyrics create a captivating atmosphere. The pair met in 2008 while studying music at the University of North Texas. They quickly realized their musical chemistry and began playing together with various bands all over Texas. They've recorded albums, and performed everywhere from the Granada in Dallas to The Triple Door in Seattle, and The Gallery (at The Continental Club) in Austin. But now they've come together with their own unique expression of Americana. A blend of modern folk, mindful pop, and lush soundscapes reminiscent of a young Civil Wars.

(6:15-6:45pm) EMREE FRANKLIN

Emree Franklin is a rising 21-year-old singer/songwriter and recording Artist from Friday Harbor, WA, whose captivating voice and poignant lyrics transcend her age. Growing up as the daughter of master falconers in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Emree's signature storytelling draws from her life experiences, writing openly about emotions that are always real and brutally honest.   It is that authenticity combined with driving rhythms and contagious melodies that have captured the attention of music lovers, as she continues to build her fan base, extending live performances from Nashville, San Francisco and Seattle, to LA.

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