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Music sponsored by Windermere Real Estate

(1:00-1:30pm) SOME HAT

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Lifelong friends, Phil Rosenbaum and Jim Ferrari have been playing together for over 40 years. Their first appearance at the Vashon Strawberry Festival was in 1996, and when asked by the music coordinator what the name of their group was, Phil answered, "Some Hat". Neither of them knew where that came from, but the name stuck, and before long they were the house band at the Blue Heron for Friday night art openings, and were regular performers at the Art Auction. Some Hat opened for Pearl Django several times at the Blue Heron, and for Greta Matassa, and Grammy award winners Tingstad and Rumble. The duo are versatile musicians, with Ferrari playing flute, tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, while Rosenbaum plays keyboards and guitar. Their music is all original and has evolved and matured over the years. We can't wait to hear what they have in store for us this year, but the word 'Fusion' came up. Don't miss Some Hat. These guys always bring it.

(1:45-2:15pm) HAVILAH RAND

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From the jazz halls of New York City to the post-grunge scene of Seattle to the Live Music Capital of the World, Havilah is a true troubadour whose career has spanned several decades and multiple genres. She has earned herself a steady audience and a respected name in Austin, TX where the caliber of musicianship is nothing less than stellar. With five full length albums under her belt and another on the way, Havilah's style of songwriting blends a rootsy, rhythmic edge with a poetic lyricism born of adventure, self-exploration and artistry at its most poignant. Painted with lush vocal stylings and honey-smoked melodies, Havilah's songs and voice remind the listener of Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone but with a soul all its own. Havilah also is the creator and leader of Young Songwriter Programs which present songwriting summer camps and workshops for kids of all ages, all over the world.  


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Seattle based singer/songwriter Tekla Waterfield calls on a wide range of influences, including folk, country, rock, blues and soul, fitting neatly into the wider genre of Alt-Country or Americana.  Tekla's vocals are smooth and angelic, emotive and raw.  Influences coming from The Velvet Underground, The Cowboy Junkies, Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, Alison Krauss, Neko Case, Phosphorescent, Marvin Gaye, Wilco, Sharon Van Etten, Courtney Barnett and more.  Tekla will be joined by Jeff Fielder, one of our favorite musicians on the planet!

(3:15-3:45pm) MIDNIGHT DARLINS 

Public school music teachers & touring musicians Melissa Ruth and Johnny Leal began collaborating in 2006 and have since released 2 albums and toured extensively with their band, Melissa Ruth & The Likely Stories. Their most recent incarnation as the Midnight Darlins finds the duo exploring sparse musical arrangements alongside raw and intimate lyrics. These songs often reflect the rural Oregon landscape that they call home. While Ruth's songwriting has drawn comparisons to Lucinda Williams and Mary Gauthier, Leal relies heavily on his blues sensibilities. Together they create their signature Doo-Wop Twang sound which has been enthusiastically received throughout the Western US and Canada.  

(4:00-4:30pm) KATE ATWELL

Nineteen-year old Kate Atwell is a singer-songwriter whose voice blends folk, soul, and acoustic rock together in an intimate way. She is currently attending The College of Wooster in Ohio, but is a local to Vashon Island. Performing and creating music have been a huge part of Kate’s life ever since she began playing guitar at age ten. If you are interested in hearing more of her intoxicating style, Kate plans on recording an original album this summer focused on coming of age experiences.  

                                                                                             (4:45-5:15pm) PAPA ROOTS

Born in New York City in 1950, then growing up in White Meadow Lake, New Jersey, Bob Krinsky has a lifetime passion for songwriting under his belt. He has performed his songs in coffeehouses, clubs and festival stages from the Big Apple, New Jersey and the Catskills Mountains, to west coast venues such as the Oregon Country Fair, Seattle Folk Life Festival, Seattle Freemont Fair, Okanogan Family Fair, Vashon Island Earthfair, and other roots places.  Ginger is Bob’s 25-year-old daughter who operates a nature immersion summer camp, “Camp Roots”, hence the name Papa Roots.

(5:30-6:00pm) JAMIE RILEY

Vashon Island-grown Jamie Riley, 28, is a songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist. Riley's music is a mix of genres including rock, folk, reggae and blues, taking listeners through a range of song landscapes in expression of a heartfelt connection to the Pacific Northwest. A singer and lyricist, Jamie records the guitar, bass, piano and anything else required of his compositions, while leaving drum performance to established local drummers like Jesse Whitford. Riley performs his music mostly on Vashon Island and in the Seattle area.

(6:15-6:45pm) DREW PISTON

Originating from Northern Idaho, Drew Piston was let loose on the world shortly after the disappearance of Harris Burdick. He quickly learned to conceal his panache and wicked insight behind a facade of normalcy, but to this day is unable to mask his inexplicable appeal to buzzards and other scavengers of the animal kingdom. Nowadays, Piston can be found on the islands of the Salish Sea, building songs out of c-clamps and storm clouds or hibernating beneath a blanket of slingshots and omelets. Relying on woody guitars and his traffic-like voice, he rarely frightens American audiences.

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