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(3:00-3:45pm) SOME'TET 

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In April 2013, guitarist/composer Michael Whitmore began a weekly residency at the Snapdragon Café on Vashon Island, Washington. Over the next few years this ‘Sunday night jam’ grew into a full-blown ensemble … the whole jazz, post-jazz kit and caboodle. Sometimes a quartet, sometimes a sextet, a trio, but always Some’tet.  The music is both composed and improvised. The overall sound is mellow, almost west coast cool, with moments of intense invention. Add a dollop of American primitivism, clusters of neo-boss nova rhythms, the occasional art song, a torch song, some very soulful vocals and there you have it. Think 60’s era jazz meets Twin Peaks, dancing in Rio de Janeiro to a slow jam with a whiskey & soda in hand and your Nana is catering the gig under a yellow hoodoo moon. Check out Some’tet’s new six song EP “Steps.”

(4:15-5:00pm) THE PAULA BOGGS BAND 

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The 6-piece Paula Boggs Band traverses jazz, world, rock and Americana.  They released debut album "A Buddha State of Mind" in 2010 and followed it with "Carnival of Miracles “in 2015.  Their sound is "Seattle-Brewed Soulgrass" and the band has performed 60+ shows nationally and in Canada since releasing "Carnival of Miracles." The band released an "unplugged" EP of consciousness songs, "Live at Empty Sea, Songs of Protest & Hope,” earlier in 2017 and it's 3rd studio album, Elixir, The Soulgrass Sessions comes out later this year. This is their third time playing the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival and first since 2013.   

(6:00-6:45pm) PANDAMONIUM

Pandamonium is a new and exciting group that performs original and eclectic music that is fun to both listen and dance to.  Band leader, composer, and seven-string fretless bassist, Jason Everett aka Mister E, draws on his love for funk and fusion and uses a unique sense of rhythm to create danceable grooves in odd-meters.  His passion for Indian and Middle Eastern music also gives his melodies an exotic global flavor. These elements coupled with the rock-solid groove of Wes Peterson on drums, and the masterful improvisations of Tony Mann on keyboards, Steve Meyer on saxes and flute, and Ken Jacobsen on guitars and electric cello, make Pandamonium a fresh and exciting band that is sure to please the adventurous listener and dancer alike!

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