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(1:00-1:30pm)  GOODNIGHT MUSH

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"Goodnight Mush, founded as a one ¬man recording act in 2008, is now a fully functioning live vegetarian rock band. The current configuration is a three-piece outfit consisting of Ryne Pauley/electric guitar, Gundy/drums, and Ryan Jamess/bass + vocals. As for trying to describe the sounds these three lads conjure, think MC5 meets the Kinks meets the Replacements meets Creedence with extra old-fashioned proto¬punk attitude and bluesy rock n’ roll energy.  Hearing aids not necessary."

(1:45-2:15pm) GREGG CURRY & RICK DAHMS


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Greg Curry's songs dig deep into the roots of American music to create his original sound. He has traveled America, absorbing influences from rock, soul, and blues to country, bluegrass, and gospel. Drawing from hundreds of original songs and numerous recordings, he seamlessly knits those American traditions into his unique musical tapestry of lyrical, catchy tunes. Those songs, plus over 20 years of performing, make him a compelling presence on stage.  Joining Gregg will be Rick Dahms on guitar and vocals.

(2:30-3:00pm)  JASON EVERETT

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Jason Everett (aka Mister E) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer who plays a variety of stringed and percussive instruments including his custom Conklin seven-string fretless bass guitar, electric upright bass, and an electric sitar of his own design. He released a solo album of Indian influenced world music under the name Tal Maya on his own label in 2010 and produced and released a CD entitled, Waves of Sound with the world fusion band, Tarana in 2013. He recently released a compilation of his compositions over the last 28 years called, Outside of the Lines and is working on a solo release to accompany the Om Bass release in August 2016.

(3:15-3:45pm) RON HOOK

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The man, the myth.  Mysterious, captivating…..ever so talented, this man will lay down his funky grooves and make you forget about your troubles.  Front man for over thirty years for the legendary Island band, Subconscious Population, Ron has earned the respect of many people – not only with his amazing ability to play many different instruments so well or his song-writing expertise…but for his love of life, his artistic world and the wisdom that he instills upon us all.  His spiritual guidance has been the light for many, both young and old….and his music, well….ask anyone and they will tell you how inspiring it is.

(4:00-4:30pm) SUM BAND 


There has been a string of sightings of a strange phenomenon known as Sum Band, this odd straw of sound is like a wild weed that leaves you with an afterglow. An up and coming group consisting of three members. Chai Ste. Marie (lead vocals), Josh DeHaven (rhythm guitar and vocals), and Vor Hostetler (Bass). All members are homegrown on Vashon Island. They sing praise to those with heart and willingness to make a better world. Husky vocals, funky bass lines and reggae guitar riffs make for a unique sound.

(4:45-5:15pm) KEN JACOBSEN

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Ken Jacobsen is a guitarist, cellist and multi-instrumentalist who has played and taught many different styles of music, from classical to world music to electronic. He is currently living in Tacoma and still teaches lessons on Vashon, and is looking forward to bringing his electric cello, looper and a variety of instruments to Strawberry Festival for a journey through ambient space, around the planet, and back out to the outer reaches of the improv universe, possibly with some guest voyagers. See you there!

(5:30-6:00pm) NICK HYDE

Walter and Donny

Nick Hyde is a born and raised islander that graduated from VHS in 2010. Nick has been playing music since he was in elementary school but it has been only in the last few years that he has found a passion for singing, songwriting, and performance. He is influenced and inspired but all genres and forms of music from classical to jazz improve to blues and folk. Currently residing in Seattle and attending the University of Washington he splits his time between Seattle and coming back to peaceful Vashon to play music and walk his dog.

(6:15-6:45pm) JOHN BROWNE

Rebekah and Andy

Progressing from college sophomore to folk-music groupie-worshiper of Tom Rush, Fred Neil, Buffy St. Marie & Bob Gibson in early-60s Miami, John's musical career has been what he jokingly refers to one long, downward spiral to this present time……but we all know differently.  In the guise of 1/5 of the Ph Phactor Jugband in the 'Frisco of '66, John was present (if stupefied) as an opening act for a number of notable performers- many of them dead- including Frank Zappa, Lenny Bruce, Dan Hicks, The Dead, The Doors, The Quicksilver Messenger Service, Blue Cheer, The Byrds, The Airplane, Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, Country Joe & the Fish, Art Linkletter, The Congress of Wonders, and others.

(7:00-7:30pm) CHAMPAGNE SUNDAY

Endearingly labeled as "Pearl Jam meets Bette Midler", Champagne Sunday began in Ventura, CA, in 2005 migrating up to the Pacific Northwest in recent years. Husband and wife members Jessi and Jared Fredeen have been tearing up stages and crowds nationwide with their unique upbeat, roller coaster style shows, firing off gypsy-punk rock songs alongside everything from intimate tear-jerkers to anthemic foot-stompers. This act has a ton of energy, heart, and talent that makes for an engaging, powerful show.


Cherrywood Station is Gus and Camille Reeves. The duo met in Portland, OR, and, after singing gospel tunes together acapella the first night they met, they never stopped collaborating. Both Gus and Camille are prolific songwriters who carry the torch of American music by performing classic and original numbers with the acoustic sounds of soul, country, blues, and folk. They're first E.P., Soup Can Telephone, is due to be released on November 28th and includes five original tracks. Gus and Camille live on Vashon Island.

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