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(1:00-1:30pm)  JASON EVERETT

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Jason Everett (aka Mister E) is a performer, composer, and producer who plays a variety of stringed and percussive instruments with his primary instrument being his seven-string fretless bass guitar.  Jason attended Northern Arizona University on a full scholarship for music and started playing professionally at sixteen years old. Jason has played music outside of the mainstream for most of his adult career including with the avant-garde space-jazz ensemble, Little Green Men; Flamenco fusion groups, Machete’ and Deseo Carmin; and world fusion groups, Sarab, Avaaza, and Tarana.  Jason is currently performing and recording with Bay Area world jazz fusion groups, Facing East and Ancient Future. Jason has recently created a new band called Pandamonium, which is described as “Prog Rock Jazz Funk.”  Finally, Jason is performing as a solo bass artist and has recently performed at NAMM (the National Association of Music Manufacturers) convention in LA, the International Solo Bass Competition hosted by bass amplifier manufacturer, Phil Jones Bass in NY, and as the headliner for Bass Bash in Denver, CO. Jason is an endorsed artist for Bartolini Pickups, Kalium Strings and Conklin Guitars, who have created a signature model instrument for Jason called, the “OM Bass.”

(1:45-2:15pm) JD HOBSON


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When Outlaw Country and Americana meet the Delta Blues you get a whole new genre. JD Hobson takes his Virginia Appalachian blues roots and combines it with Seattle’s Americana and rock scene, and a sound is created that has gotten people standing up to take notice. A two-time winner of the South Sound Blues Association's back to Beale Street competition, JD brings a powerful mix of upbeat soulful roots music both solo, and with a four-piece band. His music never fails to pack the dance floor while it also stirs the soul. In 2013, JD Hobson’s album “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” hit #8 on the Freeform American Roots Chart, and #26 on the Roots Music Report, in addition to hitting #3 on KEXP’s Blues chart. Studying under greats like John Jackson, David Honeyboy Edwards, and John Cephas at Centrum in Port Townsend helped JD hone his craft. The result is that JD has an exceptional feel for most roots music. His ability to grasp every nuance down to the minutest inflection has become his hallmark.

(2:30-3:00pm)  JON WHALEN

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Aside from the people I love, Music makes me the happiest of all. Performing music can distract me so completely from any difficulties that may be going on, I sometimes fear it is a gateway to heroin. I plan to lose myself on stage this year at Strawberry Festival, inspiring a euphoric meltdown of my audience to small quivering heaps of joy juice.   I will then wrap each blubbering mass in a cloth of silk and gently plant you in fertile earth, to grow into fully revitalized spirits that will conquer all challenges!


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Rachel Harrington's albums have garnered 4-stars in Mojo, features on the BBC, and Q Magazine hails her as, "The queen of gothic Americana." As a sixth-generation Oregonian, WWU grad, and devout Cascadian, Harrington's music has always been place-based. A Vashon resident for a while now, Rachel was a winner in the 2001 songwriting contest at Merlefest, a finalist in the Sisters Folk Festival songwriting contest, and has supported the likes of Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, and Iris Dement.

(4:00-4:30pm) MANDOLIN HOOPER 


Mandolin Hooper infuses his Texas-bred songwriting with his own lifestyle and influences, resulting in what would happen if Guy Clark and Willie Nelson met Tom Waits at the bar. After leading the punk-country band "Mandolin Hooper and the Texas (née Shadowland) Rats, he now returns to his singer/songwriter roots with a guitar, a bottle of whiskey, a handful of heartaches and a new earful of songs.  

(4:45-5:15pm) JOHN BROWNE

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Progressing from college sophomore to folk-music groupie-worshiper of Tom Rush, Fred Neil, Buffy St. Marie & Bob Gibson in early-60s Miami, John's musical career has been what he jokingly refers to one long, downward spiral to this present time……but we all know differently.  In the guise of 1/5 of the Ph Phactor Jugband in the 'Frisco of '66, John was present (if stupefied) as an opening act for many notable performers- many of them dead- including Frank Zappa, Lenny Bruce, Dan Hicks, The Dead, The Doors, The Quicksilver Messenger Service, Blue Cheer, The Byrds, The Airplane, Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, Country Joe & the Fish, Art Linkletter, The Congress of Wonders, and others.

(5:30-6:00pm) RON HOOK

Walter and Donny

The man, the myth.  Mysterious, captivating…..ever so talented, this man will lay down his funky grooves and make you forget about your troubles.  Front man for over thirty years for the legendary Island band, Subconscious Population, Ron has earned the respect of many people – not only with his amazing ability to play many different instruments so well or his song-writing expertise…but for his love of life, his artistic world and the wisdom that he instills upon us all.  His spiritual guidance has been the light for many, both young and old….and his music, well…. ask anyone and they will tell you how inspiring it is.

(6:15-6:45pm) JEFF KANZLER

Rebekah and Andy

Jeff is a Seattle born singer-songwriter who landed on Vashon via Los Angeles and Alaska. With an expressive and rough-edged voice that has been compared to early Dylan, his beautifully wrought tunes and finely crafted lyrics straddle country, bluegrass and folk genres. His 2007 CD Black Top Road released to critical acclaim, with extensive airplay in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Brazil. It made KEXP’s Top 10 list for that year, and reached #4 on the Euromerican charts. Jeff Kanzler writes and sings simple song about the ride.  

(7:00-7:30pm) TRE DOLCI

Tre Dolce is Rebekah on Tenor Guitar and vocals, Michael Marcus on String Bass and Wesley Peterson on percussion.  Tre Dolce performs beautiful and haunting songs with Rebekah on lead vocals backed with Bass and Percussion. Come relax and be transported.

(7:45-8:15PM) KAI'LEO & IYANA

With a magical singer songwriter blend of neo-soul, folk and electronic threads, Om Johari and Hans Teuber are debuting their melodic sound, for extraterrestrial and earthling pleasure. Teuber, who has been a part of the music directorial leadership at Teatro ZinZanni zone, in addition to his multi-instrumental talent, teams up with Johari, a multifaceted North Star vocalist and planetary song scribe; join them for an introduction to om-ega sensations of Kai'Leo and Iyana.

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