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For Gregg Curry, “Ragged Glory” was the magic sounds he heard coming out of the radio of a Mercury Montego as he raced down Southern highways with the windows down.  It was Dylan, The Stones, The Band, Tom Petty and so many others, making the raw power of rock ‘n roll sound perfect.  He just turned it up and grinned.  Now, “Ragged Glory” is the band Curry says he is lucky to work with because “they understand where the songs want to go.” The band (Curry and Rick Dahms on guitars and vocals, Michael Marcus on bass and vocals, Tony Mann on keyboards and vocals, Emory Miedema-Boyajian on drums and vocals) has evolved a sound around Curry’s original songs that is their own – a sort of rock ‘n roll tent revival/minstrel show blending the sacred and the profane and the in-between into delectable musical stew, new and familiar at once.  The lyrics will make you pause, the music will tempt you to dance and chances are you’ll grin like you do when you hear a song that you want to turn up.

(2:30-3:30pm) TIM COULDN'T MAKE IT

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Tim Dahms has been called “one of the finest bass players to come out of the Hawaiian Islands” and has played with music icons from Steely Dan to Willie Nelson. Now, only making the rare guest appearance, “Tim Sightings” have been known to draw music lovers from around the globe hoping to catch a rare set with this elusive modern music master. Unfortunately, Tim can’t make Strawberry Festival this year so Doug Pine and Rick Dahms will be playing both an acoustic set and a full band electric set. Since last year's appearance the group has grown to include Michael Marcus on bass, Wesley Peterson on drums, and Mike Nichols joining in on harmonica during very special occasions.

(4:00-5:00pm) ALLISON SHIRK BAND

Allison Shirk is a singer-songwriter whose music blends her Texas country roots with her love for rock, vocal jazz and blues. Allison's has a rich, warm voice that draws you in and her sincerity is infectious. Her melodious tunes are catchy. Allison will be joined by her full band - Wesley Peterson on drums, Doug Pine on lead guitar, Tony Mann on keys, and Chuck Keller on bass. They will perform a fun mix of original songs and cover tunes.

(5:30-6:30pm) THE VAN REDEKER BAND 


If you were there the night of The Van Redeker Band's electrifying set at last year's Friday Night Street Dance you know you'll want to catch them again, as the group returns for the 2017 Strawberry Festival. The Van Redeker Band performs dynamic interpretations of music’s greatest songwriters, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Dylan, as well as groove-infused originals by veteran songwriter Daryl Redeker. The group is known for their energetic performance style, lush vocal harmonies and non-stop, dance-crazed rock 'n roll love.

(7:00-11:00pm) BILL BROWN & THE KINGBEES 

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Bill Brown and the Kingbees have been busy working on their own projects, and have come together for this summer season.   Bill played in Mexico for two months earlier this year with several blues and rock bands in the Zihuantanejo area.  Leslie has been heading up his band, Tonze, which includes John Gaborit on guitar, Leslie Shelton on bass, Tony Handy on drums and Steve Minzel on keyboard.  Innovation and high energy are two adjectives to describe this high performing group that has been entertaining in the Pacific Northwest since 1986.  Bring out your dancing shoes!

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