Music sponsored by VARSA,, Vashon Chamber of Commerce,
Vashon Events and Bandstand Music  
Located in lower Ober Park.  


 (7pm-7:30pm) Intelligent Design & Baron 1

Intelligent Design and Baron 1 are two upcoming local musicians from the Seattle area.   ID takes his influences from the Hip Hop and EDM culture from various places he has lived around the world. He is a composer, producer and singer/songwriter. He is currently working on his first children’s book.  Baron takes his inspiration from Seattle street art and Hip Hop  music. He has a fine art degree from Cornish Art Institute and is currently working with a group of high school students to publish their first graphic novels.  The two have come together with their escapades and visions to give listeners an experience, through their mixes and original music, to invoke all the senses and blend reality and the imagination of listeners. 

 (7:45pm-8:15pm) Max Moore

Max Moore is a 16 year old musician and producer from Vashon Island, Washington. He started writing music on his computer in middle school, and has since began to incorporate instrumentation into his compositions, whilst drawing influence from genres such as hip hop, indie, and pop music. Right now, he is spending time writing new music and trying to develop a unique and mature sound of his own.

(8:30pm-9:00pm) Ralph Reign

Straight outta' the Astral Plane, is Ralph Reign. Dive into rich funky/jazzy hip hop rooted textures, woven with conscious and delicately crafted lyrics. From Harlem NYC now residing on Vashon Island WA. Ralph Reign is rooted with a childhood of percussive studies, and total immersion in urban culture and the natural, almost musical collaboration, which is life in NYC. My mind is beginning to catch up to the heart of my music as I start to embrace this journey. I have played many shows in the NYC area as well as in Philadelphia and now in the PNW. Currently preparing for a tour taking place in May as a part of the Bicycle Hip Hop and Arts collective MobRoll.

(9:15pm-9:45pm) Colin Loch

Colin Loch is a 26 year old son of a sailor. He was born in Scotland and has had music in his soul since zero days old. Colin is skilled in the culinary arts and lately, on stage as one of Vashon’s premier hip hop artists.  The darkest roads lead the way to the brightest futures. Colin feels lucky to be alive and so he chose the direction he should be heading because he’s traveled the opposite and those thoughts got the kid lost within a world he should have never been. So now Colin lives on, seeking wisdom that will benefit him, her and anyone who is willing to listen. 

(10:00pm-11:00pm) DRAZE

Draze is emerging from the vibrant Seattle Scene fueled and building on the legacy of several mainstream Seattle artists. Draze recently found a national audience with the release of his song and video, Seattle Sweeties, dedicated to celebrating the diversity of women. As a result, Draze created a movement that included his own series of cupcakes in partnership with cupcake giant Cupcake Royale. Draze also received national recognition for his song and video, The Hood Ain’t The Same, which targets the issue of gentrification in urban America.

Draze has performed as an opening act for Snoop Dogg, Wale, Floetry and many others. “The energy around Seattle music right now is crazy. I am happy to be a part of it. Getting co-signs from artists like Sir Mix-A-Lot and Macklemore is an honor. Now I’m just trying to grab the baton and run with it.”

Hip Hop Emcee and musician Draze was born in Seattle WA. The son of two African music legends, Dumisani Maraire Sr. and Lora (Sukutai) Chiorah-Dye, he moved to Zimbabwe at the age of six. Still a youth when he returned to the U.S. Draze was introduced to hip hop on the streets of Seattle. Finding his passion in creating music he progressed as an emcee, soon becoming one of the most respected hip hop artists in the Northwest.

Draze is what is best about hip hop. “I’m taking us back to real music. That’s what the Draze experience is all about.” Draze credits influences like Nas, Outkast, Dr. Dre, and Bob Marley for the depth in his sound. “The content in my music is really layered, from street life, to social justice, to relationships. I try to write what is real. That’s why you hear real horns and real guitars, because I am into authenticity, and I think my fans appreciate that.”