Music sponsored by VARSA, Vashon Park District, Vashon Events and Bandstand Music  
Located in lower Ober Park.  


 (7:00pm-7:30pm) Max Moore

Max Moore is a 17 year old producer and musician from Vashon Island who writes dreamy electronic and indie songs in his bedroom. He started writing music on his computer in middle school, and has since began to incorporate instrumentation into his compositions, whilst drawing influence from genres such as hip hop, indie, and pop music.  

 (7:45pm-8:15pm) Slingshot Around The Sun

Slingshot Around the Sun is the solo moniker for Jason Dean, an academically trained musician who has spent the last 20 years in the heart of the Seattle music scene playing almost every small to medium sized venue in the city, who now resides on Vashon Island.  His music encompasses several strains of electronic music including IDM, glitch, ambient and techno and relies heavily on hardware synths and samplers to create energetic pieces in a live setting while having the freedom to improvise and feed off of the energy of a crowd. Slingshot Around the Sun has been a side concern for several years always existing in the background to various other projects that Jason has been involved with over the years.  New technology and a resurgence in live electronic music has now pushed this project to the foreground and Jason is planning on releasing tracks digitally as they are completed hoping to eventually compile them into a physical release while honing a formidable live show in the strong electronic scene that is taking shape in the Northwest.

(8:30pm-9:00pm) Colin Loch

Started from the bottom of the loch. Colin Loch is a 27 year old MC that was raised on and off of Vashon Island. His family traveled a lot because his father was in the Navy. Music has always been a part of Colin's life. From opera to jazz. Pavarotti and Armstrong to Jay Z and Ms. Lauryn Hill. His musical influences are vast and far. Colin is an avid cook as well. He has been working in restaurants since he was 15 and kitchen life has been a major muse in his music. Along with back of the house, he is also a bartender. One of his fastest and more realistic songs is about the layers of working in a small town bar. Everyone's got a story to tell and the bartender is there to listen. He just finished his debut album called 'Sound Advice'. Partially produced by Island native Dominick Wolczko and Tacoma music guru Torbjorn Caspersen, Sound Advice is a glimpse into the heart and mind of this multi-talented creator.  

(9:15pm-10:15pm) NOLAN GARRETT

Tacoma’s Nolan Garrett’s music is a mix of throbbing rock and roll energy combined with pop sensibilities, raw blues, classic rock, tight funk and grunge abandon.  His live shows are famous for their high energy and his tremendous ability to engage a crowd and leave them breathless. “What I love about playing live is that people get to see you expressing your art in its purest form,” he states emphatically. “It's a freeing experience and it's an incredible feeling when the crowd is feeding off your energy and vice versa. It’s really one of the best things on the planet for me.” He cites sharing the bill with Chris Isaak, Johnny Lang and playing in front of 600 peers at his high school as some of his most profound live experiences so far.
Nolan started playing guitar at 8, wrote his first song at age 9 inspired by a Dr. Seuss story, performed live professionally at age nine in front of 200 people playing the first song he learned, “Folsom Prison Blues” and at 16, performed a full set of music opening for Chris Isaak. Between 9 and 16, the now 17 year-old high school senior played every possible show he could, mastering his live performance, writing songs well beyond his years, releasing his first CD, all the while maintaining a successful balance of school and music.
Brick Lanes, his 2nd CD is released on London Tone Music, is a collection of ten songs of inspired songwriting and top notch musicianship. All of his past influences are well represented (Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Alice in Chains and John Mayer, The Beatles and The Black Keys), but Garrett loves to spend time discovering new artists who inspire him, saying “ I’ve been listening to the Alabama Shakes, Mutemath, Allen Stone and tons of hip-hop lately, adding,”. Kendrick Lamar is a big influence on me. I think his lyrics are just incredible,” adding, “I love incorporating these new influences into my music. “
For Brick Lanes, Nolan found a producer/engineer closer to home. Geoff Ott of the iconic London Bridge Studios recorded a single with Nolan for London Tone Music’s label launch, 52x52-A Year in Your Ear, an ambitious project releasing 52 new songs by 52 new and emerging artists once a week for 52 weeks. The track, Step Back (included on Brick Lanes) was chosen and he and Geoff began their work together. Nolan enjoyed the experience so much that when it came time to produce a full CD, it was an easy decision to keep this solid producer/artist relationship going.
To say the future is quite promising for Nolan is an understatement. He’s lucky to have found his passion at an early age, he has two full CDs of music under his belt, a powerful live performance, a terrific band, a growing legion of fans and, most importantly, a very supportive family who understand his career and how passionate he is about music. “There are so many opportunities I wouldn’t have had, if not for the support of my parents and grandfather. I feel very lucky,” Nolan says with great gratitude. 

Most recently Nolan was the only guitar player in North America to be accepted into the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and was recognized immediately as the top in his class.

Nolan is looking forward to the future and all it holds for his career.