Peter Welch and Allison Shirk

Our mission is to inspire and connect the community by promoting and producing extraordinary music experiences and supporting musicians by providing access to instruments, education, resources, and opportunities for paid performances.

We founded Vashon Events in 2013 to provide place where people can go to find out all the events that are happening on Vashon Island, all in one place. We also wanted to help all the venues and organizations coordinate their events so that several major events weren't happening on the same day.

We use posters on our home page to provide a beautiful, visual bulletin board where you can quickly find out all the events that are happening, and we send out a weekly newsletter about all the events on the Island.

In 2016, Vashon Events was incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

We currently book all the music for the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival, Vashon Island Concerts in the Park Series, Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi, Snapdragon, Farmer's Market, and the Hardware Store Restaurant. We host a Music Instrument Library where you can check out an instrument free of charge. We also host a Music Teacher Directory so you can find someone to teach you to play an instrument or sing. We book music for events and provide event planning and so much more!

Life is, art, and culture enrich our lives by stimulating our senses and broadening our life perspective.   We encourage you to participate in the awesome events that are happening every week all over the Island and enjoy the company of your neighbors and fellow Islanders. 




Vashon Events

PO Box 2124

Vashon, WA 98070